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Who We Are ~ What We Do
The Daniel A. Larson Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1995. However, its work in the area of Victims' Rights began early in 1992, one year after the February 10, 1991 robbery and murder of Danny Larson.
The purpose of the Foundation, the only one of its kind in Massachusetts, is to provide emotional support and financial assistance to the survivors of homicide victims. The Foundation also works with legislators on the passage of laws that will enhance and increase the kind of services provided by the state to survivors of violent crime, e.g., Truth in Sentencing and The Victim Bill of Rights.
One of the Foundation's first major outreach efforts to assist survivors was through the writing and publication of the book, A Guide For Homicide Survivors ~ Preparing For the Days Ahead. The Guide walks survivors through the entire legal process, from:
District and Superior Court arraignments, pre-trial conferences, suppression of evidence hearings, testimony, verdict and sentencing, victim impact statements and post-convictions issues such as appeals, parole and commutation.
It is distributed free of charge to the immediate family of homicide victims through the:

Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin County District Attorneys' Offices

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)

Victim Compensation Division of the Attorney General's Office

Victim Services Unit of the Massachusetts Parole Board

Springfield Child Guidance Clinic's Post-Homicide Family Support Program

OMEGA Emotional Support Services and LAMP (Living After Murder Program) in Boston and other homicide support groups

District Attorneys Offices and government agencies across the state

Copies are also available through the Foundation by calling (413) 533-6303.
Who We Are ~ What We Do
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The guide Helping Crime Victims: A Guide for Victim/Witness Advocates was written and published as a direct response to requests from Directors of Victim/Witness Programs. Victim/Witness Advocates and other professionals within the judicial, law enforcement and health care systems who attended workshops presented by the Foundation.